About us

Our Mission

FC Bastrop is a local youth soccer association geared to nurture children and young adults in their development both as athletes and as people. We formed this league to provide the Bastrop community with another option for soccer players. Every player, regardless of skill level, is valued as a person and is readily accepted as a contributing member of the team. We provide a firm and supportive environment to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Successes are praised while mistakes are corrected with discretion, patience and a positive attitude. Our teams will be a community of players striving towards a common goal, working together, encouraging each other, and building each other up along the way. Winning games is important and is goal, but it is not the only goal! Development is key. Since our mission is to teach the values that children will need to succeed as adults, we will avoid any practice that teaches winning at the expense of fair play.


What People are saying about FC Bastrop

Wes and the rest of the coaches have been so fantastic working with our girls to grow individually and as a team.